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Artwork Requirements

We can accept artwork as hardcopy or electronic file.

>> Hardcopy - Clean crisp black & white artwork should be supplied on 8.5x11" paper. We will need color seps or one copy of just the outline color in B&W and a second copy showing where all colors should go.

>> Electronic File - IBM OS. We can use an image file saved from a Macintosh system if it is saved as a .eps (IBM Format). In our art department we use Corel 9,Photoshop 5, Adobe Illustrator 7 for finishing and outputting designs. (Corel Draw 9 is the Preferred file format).

>> Resolution is important when dealing with Photshop files. To get a crisp image on your shirt we need at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch). The image must be CREATED at this resolution or higher. To take an image created at 72 ppi and boost the resolution is not going to change the way it prints out but only increase the file size.

>> Images downloaded off the Net are mostly 72 ppi. We can finish off a 72 ppi image but most of the time it would require an art fee. If supplying a black and white save it as a TIFF bitmap. When creating a New image in Photoshop the default mode is an RGB file. Although one could create and submit a perfectly good black & white outline image in RGB mode this is much larger than a B&W TIFF file needs to be. To reduce the size dramatically go to:
Image > Mode > Greyscale. Go ahead and discard color info. Then go to Image > Mode > Bitmap. Set Resolution output to the same ppi as the input value. This should be at least 300 ppi which is what the scan or New image should have been created. Set Method to 50% threshold. File > Save As > TIFF and click on the LZW Compression option in the dialog box which appears. This will compress the file similar to "WinZip" or other compression programs.

>> Illustrator files should include any embedded image files placed in the image and convert all fonts to paths. We can take care of speads and traps according to our needs.

Note: Corel Draw files must have all fonts converted to curves

>> Emailing Artwork - Save the artwork as one of the files discussed above and attach to your email message. Send all artwork to  Put ATTN: ART DEPT in the SUBJECT LINE

>> Halftones - Normal art halftones should be 50lpi.

>> Four color process - Art should be 65lpi. Emulsion: Up, right reading, positive. Spread size should be .35 point.

>> Printable Area - We output onto tabloid size film seps. Printable area is roughly 12" x 17". The 17" should only be maxed out for the height. The maximum width should be kept to 14". To request a quote on your next printing project or to obtain more information about our services, please call 1-563-875-2191 and ask for Kim / Karen in the Art Department or e-mail us.