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Folded Star Stencil Ruler PEP-205
Ruler  Folded Star Stencil Ruler PEP-205

Ruler Folded Star Stencil Ruler PEP-205

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The first of its kind, the Folded Star Stencil tool creates a measurement method to place fabric in equal distances from each other and from the center of the star. This revolutionary way to make a folded star hot pad was created by Deborah Miller of Plum Easy Patterns, to speed up making these projects, and to give consistent, accurate spacing without measuring.

The stencil can be used for any pattern using an 8-pt star with 90 and 45 degree alignment. The stencil also makes an Easy Star block with the use of prairie points, in five different sizes. The stencil features 22.5 degree marks for varying placement of fabric as well. Plum Easy Patterns has developed new patterns that use the stencil, making it versatile beyond their bestselling EASY Folded Star Hot Pad. These include Haute Pockets Double Oven Mitt, Tulip Surprise Quilt and Baby Star Sweetie Quilt.

The Folded Star Stencil comes packed with a Creative Guide that includes three patterns and complete instructions for using the tool. It is sure to become a must-have tool for sewers.

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