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Long Arming Services

Long arming Services

Receive top-notch service with our edge-to-edge process. Simply choose your preferred pattern, thread color, and add-ons, then drop off your quilt.

We'll take care of the rest, and your finished quilt will be ready for pick up in just 2 weeks or less. Let us assist you in completing your quilt today!

Select your preferences below:     

1. Dimensions*    2.5 cents / sq.inch  ( h x w x .025 )

       Width    ___________    inches     Height   __________    inches  

2.Batting* Warm & Natural Cotton    $ 10.00 yard 

3. Choose pattern 

4. Choose your thread color.   Choose or let the quilter choose what they think looks best.

5.Backing - Please make sure your backing is 4 inches longer than your top on each side.    ***NOTE*** - If you choose the option that states your backing is in one piece, that means it is already pierced, or is the correct width, and is ready to go. If it needs to be pieced, no problem, just select the multiple pieces option and we'll gladly piece it.

  • Choose backing from our inventory.

  • I have my own backing in one piece - Your backing should be bigger than our Quilt top   

  • I have my own backing in multiple pieces. I’d like you to sew it for me.   +15.00 

6. What are your preferences on trim and binding?  We can trim your quilt and machine bind it, or just send it you, right off the machine. We use leftover backing for binding, unless otherwise specified.

  • I want you to trim and bind my quilt.  +75.00  

  • I want you to trim my quilt but not bind it.  +15.00   

  • Don’t trim or bind, will take care themself.    

7. Would you like priority quilting?     Need your quilt faster than our stand 2-week turnaround? Jump the line and get 1 week service by choosing priority quilting!          Yes, I want priority quilting.   +25.00